PS of Sweden oornetje Elite SS24

€ 49,00 € 42,50

Anatomically shaped fly hat in classic design and with noise reduction effect superior breathability. Features velcro closure at back to ensure fly hat stays in place the entire ride.

Discover the ultimate in riding comfort with our classic design, anatomically shaped fly hat. Superior breathability, noise reduction, and a secure fit via Velcro closure for a distraction-free ride.

This fly hat features an updated ear fabric that helps reduce noise. Using a double-layered high-density jersey fabric, we have created a noise-reducing fly hat that is elastic and offers an optimal fit for every horse. The double-layered fabric will create a shaped and comfortable fit, avoiding rubbing without sacrificing any of the beloved features that a noise-reducing fly hat provides.

  • Shaped fit
  • Body in 3D mesh
  • Velcro closure at back that can be attached to your bridle to prevent from sliding
  • Decorative details
  • Edge in dark brown leather imitation and decorative bright white tape